Event Monitor

An event monitor is similar to a Holter monitor in that it is portable and offers more data than an EKG, however it is triggered by the patient themselves. When a patient begins to feel an arrhythmia, they simply click a button, and the event monitor begins to record the heart. This is another excellent option for patients who may have occasional or paroxysmal symptoms and for whom an EKG or Holter monitor simply doesn’t work.

There are two types of event monitors both of which will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Banker. A symptom event monitor records the heart for the few minutes after it is triggered. A memory looping monitor also records a few minutes prior to triggering the device to record anything that might explain the lead up to the arrhythmic episode.

While the event monitor has very little to no risk in its use, since it is patient directed, an Afib episode that occurs during the night may not be caught, as the patient may be asleep and canot trigger the device.