Complete Care for
Complex Arrhythmias

Dr. Rajesh Banker offers effective, safe procedural and non-surgical treatments for complex heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) including Afib

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Welcome to The Practice of Dr. Rajesh Banker

Dr. Banker is a cardiac electrophysiologist - a cardiologist with specialized additional training in heart rhythm disorders. Dr. Banker offers comprehensive treatment for both fast and slow heartbeats to patients in Southern California and beyond.

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To come so highly recommended from one’s peers was comforting to say the least. My husband’s treatment and surgical procedure and outcome was the best experience (given the circumstances) anyone could have hoped for.


Conditions and Treatments

We offer comprehensive care for various heart rhythm disorders, ranging from tachycardias (fast heartbeats), including atrial fibrillation, to bradycardias (slow heartbeats) using the latest in ablation and pacemaker technologies, respectively.

Patient Philosophy

Dr. Banker believes that arrhythmia patients should be treated in a holistic manner with a stepwise approach to care. We start with less invasive treatment modalities, eventually stepping up care should our patient require.

Dr. Banker is committed to improving treatment options for cardiac arrhythmias. While staying abreast of and participating in the clinical trials and research, he provides training programs for electrophysiologists around the United States for device manufacturers such as Biosense Webster and Medtronic.

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What Is Afib Ablation?

Cardiac catheter ablation also known as Afib ablation is an advanced, minimally invasive often curative procedure for many common arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation or a fib. With exceptional success rates and Safety profile, cardiac catheter ablation can offer many patients the relief they need while also significantly reducing their risk of stroke and heart attack..

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Meet Dr. Banker

Dr. Banker specializes in cardiac electrophysiology, helping patients manage and cure their heart rhythm issues. Dr. Banker sees patients throughout Southern California and beyond from our office in Newport Beach Orange County.

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